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a work in TAKENAKA
Location: Chuo-ku, Kobe-city, Japan
Main Use: Museum
Number of stories: 1 floor above ground plus 2 basement floor
Structure: S, RC
The design for this project focuses on the theme “connecting people and nature, connecting tradition and innovation.” The architecture itself becomes a manifestation of the skills and spirit of craftsman that can be passed on to future generations. Visitors can feel the spirits through the interaction with real, built things.



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a work in TAKENAKA
Location: Suma-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo
Main Use: Gymnasium
Number of stories: 1 floor above ground
Structure: W, RC
This building is a wood structural framed gymnasium in concert with the surrounding environment. The Kobe International Junior High School and Senior High School Harmonie Hall was based on an idea of a clear and open axial plan utilizing concrete and wood to respond to the campus’ history while creating a new relationship with the natural landscape. Harmonie Hall is an ancillary facility that includes a gymnasium that can be used as both a basketball court and an auditorium. Functionally, gyms tend to be enclosed spaces removed from their surrounding environment, but this time, by utilizing a wood structural frame, the building is in concert with the vibrant local environment as much as possible.


Othello House

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Location: Takatsuki-city, Osaka
Main Use: House
Number of stories: 2 floor above ground
Structure: W
Completion: 2018
Photo: Masao Nishikawa

The reverse of the functions on the first and second floor in a house provides richer life. In general, in Japan, there are living, dining, bath, etc on the first floor, and bed rooms on the second floor. Living on fist floor is generally dark due to the typical Japanese houses’ characters of a narrow land and fences surrounding it. This house has just bed rooms on the first floor to get a garden, a car park, a open space, etc, and all of other rooms on the second floor to be filled with light and breezes. Furthermore, this rearrangement provides privacy because of the different spending places between this owner and the neighbors.


WiL Women's inspirational Library

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Location: Fukui-city, Fukui
Client: Fukui Bank Main Use: women's consultation office
Floor area: 155m2
Photo: Tomoki Hahakura
Fukui Bank is willing to support women who work in Fukui because the dual income ratio in Fukui is the highest in Japan. In this place, women can find interesting books divided according to their life stages, and get some information of their interests and solutions to their problems. The design intent of this big table is that each woman can find their own favorite spaces to relax, read them, talk with their friends, take part in some workshops, while they can feel the bonds of friendship by spending their time on only one table.


Osaka Metro “ Dobutsuen-mae” station Grand Renewal

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Location: Osaka
Client: Osaka Metro
Main Use: Station
Constraction Type: renovation
Cowork: tomotaka kyo, taisei kishi

The Metro station as if you are in nature
We want to preserve and utilize the animal tiles that have been popular for a long time since they were drawn in 1969, and that we want to create a fun and bright station with a sense of excitement as if it were in nature, even though it is an underground space. We express the natural atmosphere with animals drawn on existing tiles, moving animals projected by advanced technology, lights like sunbeams, living plants and so on.


Kaizuka Swimming

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Location: Kaizuka City, Osaka
Client: Arcland Sakamoto Co.,Ltd.
Business owner: The Asahi Shimbun Company
Administrator: THE BIG SPORTS Co.,Ltd.
Main Use: Indoor pool
Number of stories: 1 floor above ground
Structure: S
Site area: 1,646.05m²
Building area: 1021.96m²
Structural design: Mitsuda Structural Consultants
Photos: Tomoki Hahakura, Masashige Akeda
"The pool where we all watch over the children"
The aim is to create a pool where not only the staff would monitor the children, but everyone in this pool, including parents, can also watch over the children. By concentrating the vertical load on the two mast columns, we created a integrated, column-free space with the pool and the gallery that is easy to watch over children. In addition, we designed a flat from the entrance to the poolside, so that everyone's line of sight reaches the poolside. To prevent children from being obscured by reflections in the water, direct sunlight is avoided and stable natural light is brought in from all sides of the north face. In this pool filled with soft indirect light, children can swim healthily. Externally, two mast pillars jutting out like the sails of a sailboat play a role in making this pool a familiar landmark for everyone in town. We hope that this pool will become a facility that is close to Kaizuka's citizens and will be familiar to them for a long time.

Apartment Renovation in Koshienguchi

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Location: Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo

Main Use: House
Constraction Type: renovation
Photo: Kento Morita

Make a round. Feel breezes.
A Japanese-style room was changed to a walk-in closet. it enables one to pass through from a living on the south side to a study room on the north side. It means that one can makes a round; corridor→living→walk-in closet→study room→corridor. This renovation causes the efficiency of housework and diversity of circulation. This walk in closet connects the window on the south side with the one on the north side and let breezes flow through.

Hifumi steps

Hifumi steps

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Location: Kyoto
Main Use: Shared house
Number of stories: 2 floor above ground
Constraction Type: renovation
Photo: Tomoki Hahakura, Masashige Akeda, Yuya Miki

A shared house where diverse lifestyles resonate
It was built in Saiin, Kyoto 50 years ago as a house with a boarding house, and started operating as a shared house 10 years ago. This time, we underwent a major renovation and took a new step. In this project, we removed the partitions as much as possible and removed the extra parts around the main unit in order to create a space where the rooms, inside and outside, were connected gradually like a Japanese traditional house. This is an open-ended place like a plaza full of diverse activities. In order to be able to accept the diverse activities of the inhabitants and to live while maintaining a reasonable sense of distance, we have created unique features in each space while being an integrated space. For this reason, we devised the heights of sight, the farsighted angles , the plan of a geese, the set of furniture, and the ease of round.



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Manufacturer: KIMURA Co., Ltd.
Country of Manufacture: Indonesia
Material: teak・ rattan
Overall: Arm Chair W59 D53 H73 SH43(cm)
        Armless Chair W52 D47 H73 SH43(cm)
        Stool W40 D36 H43(cm)
        Bench W125 D36 H43(cm)
        Table W160 D85 H72(cm)
This chair is used both as a dinnig one and as a personal one. The seat is made of rattan to provide confortable elasticity and excellent breathability. The arms have a sophisticated shape to have a carefree time. The weight is light to carry. The size is arranged to stow the chair under the desk and have no feeling of oppression. This chair proposes a new way to eat and relax in a house.


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Manufacturer: KIMURA Co., Ltd.
Country of Manufacture: Indonesia
Material: rattan
Overall: W62 D62 H80 SH42(cm)
Wrap completely
TUTUMU is a chair made entirely of rattan. The soft rattan wraps your body comfortably. You can feel at ease and relax, and use it in various situations such as the hotel lounge, the porch of the room, and the living room at home. Since it is made of rattan without using metal, even one woman can easily carry it.