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501 3-7-14 nigawakita takarazuka-city, Hyogo 665-0061, Japan

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Flow to completion

1. Inquiry
Please free feel to send e-mail, make inquiries, or call us for any requests.

3. Listening
We listen to your needs carefully.

5. Improvement
We improve the plan you selected and develop the details by having meetings with you.

7. Check
You, we, and the constructor check the construction site several times under construction,

9. After sales service
Please feel free to make any requests of the change of partitions, finishings, facilities, etc.

2. Council
Please talk in your family or company about the new architecture, and then pick up as many needs as possible.

4. Proposal
We propose a few plans based on your requests. You make a contract for designing if you assent to our proposal.

6. Estimatation and contract of construction
After designing, we take quotes and regulate the cost. If you agree with it, you make a contract with a construction company.

8. Completion and Move
At last, you move after you, we and a government officer check the new completed architecture.

Rough estimeate

concept and basic design:
concept, basic design, detailed design, design supervision:

Please don't hesitate to ask us any question.
m2=constraction area
Transportation expenses, Struture and Facility design fees, Application fees are excluded.